Hello! I am Chantel, and I am a data scientist with research interests spanning health (particularly mental health), justice and equality, spatial data/ GIS, and ecology and biodiversity. When I am not building data projects, I create nature-friendly gardens, grow food with my local community, and enjoy mountain-biking and weight-lifting with my husband and primary cheerleader. See his website here: www.garvinsealy.com.

I have been transitioning in my career by studying part-time for an MSc Health Data Science with the University of Aberdeen, with a scholarship from The Data Lab, and have recently submitted my final pieces of work.

I am interested in jobs or collaborations that make a difference, particularly with regard to chronic illness and mental health.

If you like what you see and might like to work with me, please contact me or find me on Mastodon.

For a snapshot of my training and experience, see CV.

My horticultural experience can be found here.

Programming and scripting languages

I love programming and coding, and delve into different languages as needed depending on the project. I use a LAMP (Linux-Apache2-MySQL-PHP) stack for local development.

  • R/ RStudio - statistical programming, quantitative work, dashboards and storyboards
  • SQL (MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite)
  • phpMyAdmin (for MySQL queries and managing Wordpress)
  • Python (to PCEP) - text extraction and qualitative work
  • Bash (I am a long-time Linux-user) - system administration
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • A little bit of Javascript for the extra flourish